NASCAR Cup Series drivers need to start somewhere. For most it comes in the form of driving in the Gander RV and Outdoors Truck series. The Truck Series is where young drivers can make a name for themselves and veteran drivers can race to make a living. Racings fundamentals include many things such as speed, coordination, and racing know how. Racers need to develop their skills if they want to reach their goals and race in the Cup Series. Now of course speed and finesse are not the only fun part of NASCAR Truck Series racing. There is of course the Truck O Saurus Wrecks that we see week in and week out on the NASCAR Truck Circuit.

Truck Series Biggest Wrecks:

For the average person driving a truck at 200 miles per hour would be an extremely difficult and daring activity but for these drivers it is just another day in the life. Now I am sure you are imagining yourself driving 120 miles per hour now and thinking of the implications of a big wreck. For Truck Series drivers they deal with that reality every time they get into their racing truck. Now most “Big Wrecks” the ones deserving of the Truck O Saurus Wreck title are truly devastating as seen in the 2000 Daytona Crash that sent Geoff Bodine flying through the air. That crash was massive. The Daytona Truck series race in 2020 had the number 45 car driven by Trevor Bayne flipping through the air and spinning like a top upside down. The track known as the “Big One” Talladega Superspeedway victimized the number 13 driven by Cody Coughlin and the number 47 driven by Fontaine in the 2017 version of the race. Wrecks are a part of racing and always will be, wrecks make the sport exciting as they can happen at a moment’s notice and boy can they be exciting. Wrecks can be a big part of how a race finishes and how points are divvied up from a NASCAR DFS perspective. When a driver in a DFS lineup wrecks and is unable to finish the race, you are unlikely to get many points from them. A driver’s day can be changed in the blink of an eye. Depending on which DFS site you choose; Monkey Knife Fight, Draft Kings, or Fan Duel a wreck can change a driver’s day in fantasy in different ways. Each site awards points differently for laps led, and lap times. Point systems that award more points for having the fastest lap give your driver a better chance to get points if they wreck from the front.

Truck Series DFS Champions:

Every year the Gander RV and Outdoors Truck Series awards a “Rookie of the Year” and some of the best racers today have had that honor. Drivers such as Greg Biffle (19 Cup Series Wins), Kurt Busch (32 Cup Series Wins), Carl Edwards (28 Cup Series Wins), and Ryan Blaney (7 Cup Series Wins) have started their career with a rookie of the year award and gone on to have very successful careers. Watching and gambling on the NASCAR Truck Series is a great way to build a bank of DFS sleepers when they reach the next levels in their career in the Xfinity Series and or Cup Series of racing. Watching the Truck Series allows you to see driver tendencies at certain tracks that you would not see when they first reach the next series of competition. If you can watch the Truck Series races and get advice from NASCAR Fantasy DFS Experts you are on your way to making money and enjoying fast paced truck racing.

Training for the Cup Series:

Racers get the chance to hone their skills in the Trucks where they can work on mental discipline, which they will use to stay focused for three to four hours on race day. A minor lapse in judgement could be detrimental to their day on the track. Racers need to work on their lightning fast reflexes as they drive bumper-to-bumper and panel-to-panel around the track with sometimes less than an inch between them and their competition. NASCAR is known for their big wrecks, but the best drivers have that uncanny ability to avoid wreckage and get their cars relatively scotch free across the finish line. As most know, driving involves coordinating between the steering wheel, clutch, brakes and the accelerator; these drivers need to have the best of the best in terms of coordination to be able to reach top speed as they drive around the race track. Smooth shifting of the manual transmission and precise steering are essential to running a good race. The Truck Series has shown that drivers can race in it for the experience needed to make it to the “Big Leagues”.

Now take your time and check out NASCAR Truck Series DFS and start making money by watching some action-packed Truck racing.